“Hi! I’m Yuri Alessio Scalino, aka YuriAle and my adventure on the web starts from Benji & Fede. In 2015 I was chosen as an actor in the video clip of their song “Monday” and I played their closest co-worker.

I enjoyed myself a lot because Benjamin and Federico, with whom I bonded more, were very nice and very kind. And that was the unexpected beginning of a dream … From the moment the video clip was published, he began to receive a lot of friend requests on Facebook, the most used social network at that time. I was receiving messages and group addition in a truly disproportionate number. And I didn’t know what to do, I just knew I was enthusiastic.

A few weeks after the boom, I decided to open a YouTube channel because I was driven by the success of Alberico De Giglio, and there I soon started with the most successful videos for me: the Types of People column and the reactions to the video clips of the major singers. Federico’s father also joined me, praising my being able to take advantage of the crest of the wave to become an original character. Digging into the past, we find the roots of art in my DNA: in the family there are 2 theater companies and my mother was a dancer and model, and the footsteps I followed are hers.

In fact, in 2014, I participated in my first fashion casting and I was taken: it was the beginning of the rebirth.

Before, I was very shy and introverted, but the fashion field with its shows and the knowledge of many boys (and girls!) Unlocked me a lot and, in one summer, I found myself super extroverted, open to fun, known on social and model. Without forgetting the passion of dance that is in me: I started dancing from the age of 6, when my mom always saw me wanting to participate in her performances, and from there I trained with many years of Latin American and Caribbean, becoming a dancer of a local broadcast for over 5 years of live TV, then make the gender leap and move to hip-hop and modern at a higher level dance school, where I was able to study with international masters such as Sponky Love.

Alongside all this, there is acting! For years I have been in continuous acting training, following courses at the academy where they teach me cinema, theater, diction and singing basics. And after countless video clips also with J-Ax and Fedez, Alessio Bernabei for Sanremo, Le Donatella and many others directed by Mauro Russo and directed by Fabio Rovazzi, and as many extras in films, I had my first role, and not insignificant! I was chosen as a member of the class of Federico Moccia’s film “No field”, working alongside Vanessa Incontrada and young people like Mirko Trova, Eleonora Gaggero, Federico Cesari … It was the most beautiful adventure of my life: seeing me on big screen and being a guest of premieres and cinema events is something unique! At the same time, I opened my musical.ly and Instagram profile: I was carrying little content and was confused.

Over time, I improved and I got to have over 380 thousand followers on my personal profile TikTok @ yurialessio15, which also has the verified, and over 25 thousand followers on Instagram @ yuri_ale15! Social media have helped me to be more self-confident and increase self-esteem: I met fantastic people, many of whom I am in constant contact with, and I was able to participate in the most important social events: Romics, BeYou, DoubleTap, therefore main national event organized by TikTok! And it is not true that everyone boasts of success, people like Sespo or Virginia Montemaggi have always behaved like guys equal to everyone without making any difference between one who has 1k with one who has 1Milione, at least with me.

Last year, I participated in Reaction a Chain with my friends, on Rai1, which allowed me to establish relationships with people from the Rai team and understand how a TV program is structured, with its fun and pre-existing anxieties. episode of the presenter and competitors … How do I see myself in the future?

Well my scientific high school would take me on completely different paths from the entertainment world, but dear school I’m sorry … the world I feel is not maths and not even science, but it is cinema and TV, presenter or who knows, maybe actor ! “